Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Three Plums

I have Celiac Disease and I am symptom free as long as I eat a gluten free diet.  Often referred to as a GFD.  Not only does my diet NOT allow wheat, barley, oats, and rye, but milk products are also off the list for me.  "So what does a person with Celiac Disease eat?", I am often asked.  Well, good and yummy REAL food that's what I eat.  No mixed up in the lab 'food' for me!  ('Food' that can sit on a shelf for months and years and never mold or rot is probably not nourishing anyway.)  No, our meals are made out of fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, brown rice, free range eggs, fish and grass fed animals.  I am one lucky woman!  I not only eat well but I can also use my food choices as models before they are transformed into meals.

This painting of three plums was so much fun to quickly paint before I turned them into plum sauce.  (I use coconut oil in place of butter in the recipe.)