Thursday, August 30, 2012

I love the sound of waterfalls.  Their water song cadence changes as their headwaters increase or decrease.  This summer day waterfall music was like a waltz and was very peaceful.  As summer turns into fall and a busier time for all of us, I hope you can find a waterfall to sit by and find a little peaceful tune.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Saturday is my birthday and my new age will end with a three!  To celebrate this number I have painted three plums, which is one of my favorite fruits.  To challenge myself I decided it would be interesting to paint on gold leaf and see how the oil paint might 'behave' on this shiny surface.  It worked extremely well, as long as I just laid down a stroke of paint and then left it alone.  After I completed the painting I went in with my palette knife and 'scratched out' small areas to expose the greenish toned gesso behind the plums.
I want you to celebrate my birthday with me so I am starting the bidding on 'Three Plums' (6" x 8") at $3.00 at  I hope you win the bid.
Yours in art and birthdays,

Thursday, August 16, 2012


My title has a question mark at the end because no one on our northeasternWisconsin lake knows what plant this is on my neighbor's property.  Joe and his family live to the west of my lake cottage and he was excited when my friend, Lori, and I came to paint on his property.  His cabin would have been a nice subject but flowers usually catch my interest and these purple flowers? with their height and color grabbed my attention. Setting up to paint them was a challenge though since Joe's property has quite a sloping yard down to the lake.  Thank goodness for adjustable legs on my easel!  If only my own legs adjusted as well, I would have been more comfortable as I painted.  After visiting with Joe for a time and sketching in my subject - the purple flowers? - it was time to settle in to paint quickly as the sun started to go down.  Later that evening I googled purple perennial flowers and couldn't find a match.  Then I looked in my gardening books (I have a lot of gardening books) and didn't find a match.  Do you happen to know what they are called?  They are about 4 feet tall and grow on the southern bank above the lake in full sun.  If you might know their name please let me know in the comment section below this post.  Once I have their name I can order some for my own garden. Thank you. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


To be invited onto someones property to paint is such an honor.  My fellow artist friend, Pamela Ruschman, had permission for us to paint at this farm.  The chickens, cats, ducks, sheep, rabbits and children kept us entertained as we painted.  This young farm couple raises most of their families food themselves and sell eggs to the buying public.  This painting features one of their (loud - he wanted my attention so I put him in the painting) roosters, quiet ducks, and the Egg Hut.  Many times I had to pause while painting when an egg buyer drove up, put their money in the jar (the honor system at it's finest) opened the refrigerator and took out the eggs they wanted to buy.  I am glad the process was fast since their car would block my view as they 'gathered' their eggs. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I love summer at the lake in Wisconsin.  Warmth and sunshine with deep blue skies during the day, with cool evenings that might bring a passing storm or gentle shower.  But the best part of summers at the lake has to be our many friends that come to see us at our cottage.  Many of my friends are painters and we look forward to our quiet plein air painting time in each others company.  Breaks and or lunch contain spirited discussions about the progress of our work and catching up on our lives.
This painting, 'Cottage Flowers,' captures the joyful day I spent painting along side my art friend, Lori Beringer.