Tuesday, January 29, 2013

European Turnips

My neighbor gave me these turnips because she knew I would want to paint them.  How special is that a gardener/friend/neighbor who gives me her hard earned, labor intensive vegetables to paint that may spoil before I even get to eat them.  I finished this painting a week ago and forgot to post it (after all my work at the easel).  So I decided I would post it today, since I am 'wall' painting at our sons and I am not at the easel for many days.
Yours in art,


Hi, Everyone,
The good news is I am painting!  But not on small canvases for a few weeks.  : -(  , but nine foot high walls instead.
Our son has a new (to him house) and we are helping him paint and get ready for his move in date.
We are learning about choosing colors at paint stores with a grown son (that desires his own color palette and not his artist mothers), along with wall and woodwork painting techniques.  Professional asbestos abatement has been added to his and our vocabulary and Epsom's salt to our bathwater after a day of climbing ladders, squats while painting woodwork, and twists cleaning and painting closets.  Spending our vacation with our son who is using his vacation as well, is time well spent.
You will find more canvas paintings soon.  In the meantime I am swinging a brush, but it has a thick handle and huge bristles.  Who knows I might be learning some painting techniques I'll be using in the future.  :-)   Stay tuned to my blog for house progress updates and canvas paintings soon.
Yours in art,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dana's Gift

This turnip was a gift from, Dana, at the garden center, which he gave me after pulling it out of the soil.  He wanted me to 'eat' this gorgeous turnip to show me that the fertilizer and compost he sells really helps to grow delicious vegetables.  He washed it off and handed it back to me, but Dana was surprised when I told him I wanted to 'paint' the turnip.  Once I explained I was and artist and would put the turnip in a still life to paint it before eating it, he understood.  By the way it was the best tasting turnip I have ever eaten!  And I love turnips! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rubber Duckie Your the One

It's a New Year and I hope all of you are happy and well.  After painting larger paintings for a while, it was time to paint a fun small painting.
My rubber duckie has been wanting to be painted since last year, so I finally chose to paint him today.  He was an excellent model and held still the whole modeling session.  The only problem is now that the oil painting is finished and posted, the song, Rubber Duckie Your the One,  is still in my head.  Oh, no!  : 0  
I wonder if anyone will sing the Rubber Duckie song tonight on American Idol?