Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi, Everyone,
The good news is I am painting!  But not on small canvases for a few weeks.  : -(  , but nine foot high walls instead.
Our son has a new (to him house) and we are helping him paint and get ready for his move in date.
We are learning about choosing colors at paint stores with a grown son (that desires his own color palette and not his artist mothers), along with wall and woodwork painting techniques.  Professional asbestos abatement has been added to his and our vocabulary and Epsom's salt to our bathwater after a day of climbing ladders, squats while painting woodwork, and twists cleaning and painting closets.  Spending our vacation with our son who is using his vacation as well, is time well spent.
You will find more canvas paintings soon.  In the meantime I am swinging a brush, but it has a thick handle and huge bristles.  Who knows I might be learning some painting techniques I'll be using in the future.  :-)   Stay tuned to my blog for house progress updates and canvas paintings soon.
Yours in art,