Friday, March 2, 2012


Several years ago I was able to go to the Britex Fabric Store in San Francisco, CA.  What a thrill this was for me since I love fabric.  Three floors of fabric!  Each floor had every wall stacked with fabric from the floor to the almost thirty foot ceilings.  Library ladders propelled the clerks to the fabric you picked out. The fabric bolts were in every color of the rainbow and every type.  Wool, silk, satin, linen, and cotton fabrics, ribbons, sequins, buttons, and thread.  What a treat!  You can now buy the fabric online, but if you are in San Francisco you should go into the store; it is stunning to see all that fabric in one place. Located right by the trolley turn around at 146 Geary Street.
Today I painted these three eggs nestled in some fantastic fabric I purchased when I visited the Britex Fabric Store.