Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not Fencing today! ?

I am not painting today since it looks like a root canal might be in my future.  Many people who don't paint might not realize what physical and mental abilities are required to complete a painting.  When you are not up to par in either category (physical or mental) it is much more difficult to paint.

My studio is set up for me so I can stand up while I paint (which I prefer) and approach my canvas like a fencer.  Back and forth all day long until the painting is finished. I must admit this little tooth is making me too tired to do fencing (I mean - painting) today.  My brain is telling me my jaw hurts and I am tired, instead of telling me to make rapid decisions on my composition, color harmony, edge quality, values, paint application, and overall design as I paint.   Nothing seems to be happening rapidly today, so I will throw in the towel (brush) and pay some bills instead.

Stay healthy and warm everyone!