Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Traveling Chicken - Oh, My!

Here I am not feeling my 'artistic' best and spending time instead of painting organizing the studio (for when I am back in full painting mode), when I see my calendar notation that the Traveling Chicken may come to my studio in late February.  Oh, my, it is late February.  So I checked the Traveling Chicken Blog at  to see where the little ceramic chicken might be on her journey. AND Yikes!  My studio is next on the list.  Little Miss Chicken is at Dawn Eaton's studio in Illinois, right NOW and then she will travel to ME in Florida.

Each artist on the list gets to keep Miss Chicken as their model for one week, add one painting to the Traveling Chicken Blog and then send her on to the next artist.  If she arrives next week, that means she will probably get to go with me to the Endodontic Clinic for a root canal; but she shouldn't be afraid, chickens (even ceramic ones) don't have teeth, so she is safe.  Or is she?
Then I will let her sit in the sun to relax before I put her to work modeling for an oil painting.

Stay tuned to my blog and you will see when she arrives and how well she does modeling in my studio.

Yours in art,