Friday, March 8, 2013

The Traveling Chicken has arrived!

Miss Chicken and her family have arrived safe and sound from Dawn Eaton's studio ( in Illinois.  The postal service did their job well in snowy Illinois and sent her safely to my studio.  Her blanket of bubble wrap insulted all of them from the cold and she is happy to be in sunny Florida.
She arrived yesterday and was waiting in her box patiently when I arrived back from my consultation with the oral surgeon.  When I let her out of her wrappings, read the nice note from Dawn to her and her traveling family, she was sad to hear (and a little fearful) that my root canal was not successful and I need to have the molar pulled.
I will take her to the dental clinic today to let her see for herself that the oral surgeon will take good care of me and I will feel much better once the molar has been extracted.  Since she is so young and inquisitive, I think I will let her stay in my purse while the procedure is occurring, so she doesn't ask too many questions.