Friday, March 15, 2013

The Traveling Chicken visits the garden

Miss Chicken wasn't modeling today and she took some time to explore her surroundings.  First she wanted to check out the raised garden beds.  After being in cold and snowy Illinois with Dawn Eaton she was very excited to be outside in the sun to dream about scratching in the soil.  (Miss Chicken doesn't have any feet but a girl can dream - can't she?)

Then she noticed the hole in the dirt.  "What made that hole?" Miss Chicken asked.  I decided to tell her the truth and explained that just recently the garden has had several Florida Worm Lizards burrowing through the soil.  She watched for them for a while and didn't see any wiggle to the surface, so we went inside and checked them out on the Internet at  Miss Chicken wanted to see more in the garden.  So we went back out and she found I had left a small carrot for her to pull up with my help.   Once this carrot is pulled up it will be time to plant some green peppers in this empty spot.  We can't plant more carrots until August here in Florida, so I am glad she got to harvest this one herself.