Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What did T. C. and the Peeps talk about?

First they talked about peeking orders and how they didn't care for them.  Then the rabbit peeps brought up how bullies could really hurt you or your feelings and they liked the book, 'Michael Vey', that explored that very subject.  The author of that book reminded them of another author with the same last name, Evans, and how much they enjoyed, Rachel Held Evans, book and blog.  Which reminded Miss Chicken that she was featured on, 'The Traveling Chicken Blog,'  just last month and wore a crown in the painting of her by Dawn Eaton.  All the chicken peeps agreed they liked crowns very much especially the music by Casting Crowns and their recording, 'Glorious Day'.   Speaking of songs, they all agreed they liked, 'The Wall Song' by Mitch Townley and the Irish saying - 'Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live everyday as if it were your last. '  Miss Chicken wondered if any of the peeps had read on the Internet about Johan Huibers and how he was building a full scale replica of Noah's Ark.   The chicken peeps hadn't read that online but they had been watching, 'The Bible', on television and had seen the ark in the first episode.

As they sipped their tea and continued to talk and talk and talk, Miss Chicken asked them if they had looked at, 'The Traveling Chicken Blog', this month and seen the painting of them all having tea in the studio?  They decided to go to the studio office and check out, 'The Traveling Chicken Blog,' and see how they all looked before pouring more tea and talking, and talking and talking.