Friday, March 8, 2013

A Morning at the Spa? With the Traveling Chicken

Miss Chicken saw the sinks with the porpoise hot & cold water handles and faucet and she became excited!  She thought she was at the spa!  I did too with the beautiful stain glass doors and windows featuring ocean life and sea turtles, tiled counters in iridescent blues and greens, original watercolors of beaches and palm trees on the walls, lovely music playing from the room speakers and a wonderful staff that answered all my questions and put me at ease.
We let Miss Chicken try out the comfortable chair, too.  But before the tooth extraction and bone graft was started (We were really at the Oral surgeons beautiful office), I put Miss Chicken back in her box for a little nap.  In no time at all  I woke up without my tooth but with a (hopefully) successful bone graft.  I woke up Miss Chicken, mumbled my goodbyes to the doctor and staff, and my wonderful husband drove us home.
Miss Chicken gets a few days off from modeling for her painting, while I am using my hands to hold an ice pack to my jaw.  She is wishing for some sunshine in a lounge chair (she just arrived from snowy Illinois at Dawn Eaton's studio) while she is on her little vacation from modeling.  Since Florida is called the sunshine state I would bet she will get her wish.